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Shah Rukh Khan Full Life And Career In A Short View:

When you are seeing this name then it is better to be frank about this man that there is hardly anything new to mention about him when he is already well famed all over the world among the actors and celebrities. He is not only a man of Indian or an asset of Bollywood rather he is a great source of entertainment of the recreation seeking people around the world from the last few decades. “Shah Rukh Khan” till now is in the place of the hearts of the fans where very few actors or artist can reach or possess.
This man is now a brand and whatever he touches somehow turns into gold. There so many fans of this man who are never going to see the name of the film or the quality of the movie rather they just want to see the acting of “Shah Rukh Khan”. At the same time, he is an all rounder of the film industry who is not only fit in the role of hero rather in all the character whatever given by the director.
Before we mention anything more about this man we better take a look on the details of the career from starting of his life and this will help you gain the actual information about “Shah Rukh Khan” we hope.
This man “Shah Rukh Khan’s” birthday is on 2nd of November in 1965 in a Muslim family of New Delhi. He passed the first 5 years of his life in Mangalore, where his maternal grandfather “Ifthikar Ahmed” who was posted as the chief engineer of the port in the the time of 1960s. According to the statement of “Shah Rukh Khan”, his paternal grandfather known as “Jan Muhammad” who was an ethnic Pathan was from Afghanistan. “Shah Rukh Khan” also stated in his interviews that he is a Pathan decent from Peshawar, Pakistan, and that his whole family used to speak “Hindko language” at home. “Shah Rukh Khan’s” father “Meer Taj Mohammed Khan”, very amazingly was an Indian independence activist in Peshawar of British India now Pakistan. In the time of 2010, Khan’s paternal family was still living in “Shah Wali Qataal” area of Peshawar’s “Qissa Khawani Bazaar”. “Meer” was a follower of “Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan”, and affiliated with the “All Indian National Congress”. He relocated to New Delhi in the time of 1948 after the historic partition of India. “Shah Rukh Khan’s” mother “Lateef Fatima” was the daughter of a senior government engineer which we have mentioned above. His parents were married in the year of 1959. “Shah Rukh Khan” described himself on Twitter as the following way “half Hyderabadi (mother), half Pathan (father), and some Kashmiri as well”. His paternal cousins in Peshawar somehow claim that the family is of “Hindkowan” is the origin from Kashmir, not from Pashtun, and also contradict the claim that his grandfather was from Afghanistan.
This man we are talking about was grew up in the Rajendra Nagar neighborhood of Delhi. His father had so many types of business ventures as like a restaurant, and the family lived in a middle-class life in rented apartments. “Shah Rukh Khan” attended “St. Columba’s School” in central Delhi where he excelled in his basic education and also involved himself in sports like hockey and football, and very interestingly received the school’s highest award, “the Sword of Honor”. In his early age, he acted in the stage plays and received praise for his imitations of Bollywood actors, of which his favorites were like “Dilip Kumar”, “Amitabh Bachchan” and Mumtaz as well. One of his childhood friends and acting partners was “Amrita Singh”, who became a Bollywood actress later. This man “Shah Rukh Khan” enrolled at “Hansraj College” in the time of 1985–88 to gain his bachelor’s degree with Economics, but spent much of his time at Delhi’s “Theater Action Group” (TAG), where he studied acting under the mentor ship of theater director “Barry John”. After “Hansraj”, he began studying for a master’s degree with “Mass Communications” on “Jamia Millia Islamia”, but left to gain his acting career. He also attended the “National School of Drama” of New Delhi during his starting career in Bollywood. Very sorrowfully his father died of cancer in the year of 1981, and his mother died in 1991 with the complications of diabetes. After the death of their parents, his elder sister “Shahnaz Lalarukh” fell into a depressed state and Khan have to took on the responsibility of caring for her. “Shahnaz” continues to live with her brother and his family in their Mumbai mansion. Yes, it is true that he was given the birth name as “Shahrukh Khan” but he always prefers his name to be written as separately “Shah Rukh Khan”, and is commonly referred by the acronym specially to the fans as “SRK”. He married “Gauri Chibber” who is a “Punjabi Hindu”, in a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony on 25th of October in 1991, after six year courtship. They have a son known with the name as “Aryan” (1997) and a daughter “Suhana”(2000). In the time of 2013, they became parents of a third child named as “AbRam”, who was born through a surrogate mother. According to the the statement of Khan, why because, he strongly believes in Islam, he also values his wife’s religion in the same time. His children are free to follow both religions and thats why at home the Qur’an is situated next to the Hindu books.

So here are the whole thing about the “Shah Rukh Khan” and we don’t think that there could be more to introduce anything about him. This is thee high time to take a look on the details about the career of this man, when we all come to see his career.
So, at first lets take a look on the names of the movies in which acted so far. Meanwhile, it is going to be so long for us to mention them all at a time and thats why we will only going to gather some of the famous movies of which our readers are pretty much known:

List Of Shah Rukh Khan All Bollywood Movies And Album Songs Download:

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These films are the mostly known of the career of this man and without these there are so many movies by which we have mentioned above that this is not possible to gather them all at a time. But this is good to mention the names of the documentary films to serve you better information about this man: Bollywood im Alpenrausch (2000), Bollywood for Beginners (2002), The Inner and Outer World of Shah Rukh Khan (2005), Bollywood – Indiens klingendes Kino (2005), Living with a Superstar – Shahrukh Khan (2010), Mughal-E-Azam – A Tribute by a son to his father (2011), Living with KKR (2014). And the last part of this article we will gather the data about gaining and achievement of this man that means the awards which are also considered as the part of their career. So at first, here are the names of the most prestigious, National awards:

List Of Shah Rukh Khan Awards:

- Best Indian Citizen Award of 1997 - Rajiv Gandhi Award for Excellence in the Field of Entertainment in the time of 2002 - Padma Shri of 2005, India's fourth highest civilian award from the Government of India. - Among the 10 recipients of the IIFA-FICCI Frames Awards of 2009 for the "Most Powerful Entertainer of the Decade" - Global Entertainment and Media personality Award at FICCI Frames 2010 Excellence Awards in 2010. - Honored as one of the 25 Greatest Global Living Indians by the Honorable President of India Pranab Mukherjee to mark the completion of 25 years of NDTV in the time 2013. - Received honorary doctorate in 2016 from Maulana Azad National Urdu University for promoting Urdu. International Honers: - A rare species of orchid, Ascocenda Shah Rukh Khan, was named after him in Singapore in the year of 2003. - His lifelike wax statue was installed in London's Madame Tussauds wax museum in the year of 2007. Additional versions were installed at Madame Tussauds museums in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and New York and the time was 2010. - He was invited to present the motion picture Slumdog Millionaire at the 66th Golden Globe Awards. No Indian actor had previously been invited to present at the Golden Globe Awards and these both were in the time of 2009. - He was honored with L’Etoile d’Or by Mohammed VI of Morocco the King of Morocco during Eleventh International Film Festival of Marrakech. Shah Rukh is the first Indian to receive the honor in the year of 2011. - He was awarded with an honorary doctorate by the University of Edinburgh for his outstanding record of philanthropy, altruism and humanitarianism and his global reach as an actor in the time of 2015. Beside all these, there are so many to mention about this man's awards but we have tried to mention only the prestigious awards and honers of this world famous world class actor. If you are on the hesitation that there could be more about him then you better keep your search on on the online source to get the better.